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Lombardi's Profit Taker

Picture this…

Think about making one investment—just one.

That one investment funds your entire retirement—probably with money to spare.

Everyone pursues this—every investor wants to get in on the next Apple, the next Google, the next Microsoft…you name it.

I have the honor of saying that one of my colleagues made it possible.

Robert Appel, a former lawyer turned stock picker, manages the outstanding weekly Lombardi's Profit Taker advisory.

A few years ago, Robert's research told him to recommend buying a then little-known, dirt-cheap company with the stock symbol QCOR.

It seems like Robert might be a savant—because he nailed one of the best picks in the industry.

After recommending QCOR, the stock surged 10,491%.

And before you start thinking this is a one-hit-wonder, let me show you how a few of his other top picks have performed…

RBY—127% gain

GDX—171% gain

FSII—191% gain

ANDS—245% gain

TRX—331% gain


Now, I want to make this perfectly clear:

While our track record sounds phenomenal…

…there‚Äôs no guarantee that every one of our recommendations will make money.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and all investments—no matter how safe they sound—have some form of risk.

That said…

Robert doesn't handle any other publications here at Lombardi—he devotes all his time and resources specifically to tracking down these explosive under-the-radar investments.

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Red-Hot Small-Caps

My colleague George Leong may truly be one of the most gifted stock pickers in the industry. Many times he has been chosen as Lombardi's top stock picker of the year.

He doesn't have a 10,000% gain like Robert…but he is very consistent.

George manages several services here, but right now I want to tell you about one of my favorites: Red-Hot Small-Caps.

Every month in this advisory, George uses his system—a mix of technical and fundamental analysis—to help subscribers slip into some of the smallest stocks in the industry.

We're talking about companies with market caps of less than $1 billion.

George goes looking for companies with an overwhelming amount of evidence to support that they will move up… Meaning investors who get in at the ground floor could capture huge profits.

It has worked out very well.

Since his first very first issue, George has made 55 investment recommendations in Red-Hot Small-Caps.

That comes out to around only six investments a year.

Of those 55 investments, 42 are winners.

That's a win rate of about 76%.

Now here's the real kicker. Of the 55 investments recommended, that's including winners and losers, George's average gain is 76.35% per pick! Not surprising with top gains like these:

…and much more.

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