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George Leong is an investing genius. His transaction timing is uncanny. His strategic and tactical toolbox overflows. This announcement of his new premium service, George Leong’s DAILY PROFITS, could be the most important investment news you’ll ever receive.

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George is the guru who gave us...

• The $2.8 billion IT infrastructure provider that’s up 4,745.20%. (No misprint.)

• The $1.8 billion online advertising agency that’s up 1,295.44%.

• The $762.6 million business software company that’s up 1,213.19%.
George is the master. He’s the best. Many have tried, and all have discovered that the only way to equal his remarkable track record is to follow George on a daily basis.

Dear Fellow Investor,

Any stocks in your portfolio double or triple in the past few years?

I had 37 of them.

I picked 37 stocks that either doubled, tripled, even quadrupled in price.

And last year was a bad year for me compared to other years!

If you had put $5,000 into the pharmaceutical stock I recommended way back in 2010, you’d now be sitting on...


And that’s just from one stock! Here’s more.

If you had invested $5,000 into the online ad agency I recommended, that $5,000 would have turned into $69,772.

If you had invested $5,000 into the business software company I uncovered, that $5,000 would have turned into $65,659.50.

With just those three stocks, you could have
turned $15,000 into $187,809.50!

There’s much more.

By the way, those astounding profit figures shown above are all real.

I don't know of any investment advisor today giving their readers these kinds of huge profits.

TURNS INTO $57,737?

Had you invested $5,000 in just the twelve stocks we recommended below, your total investment would be $60,000 and you’d have $692,817 today.

Here’s the breakdown of how these incredible profits piled up:

4,745.20% GAIN: Equinix (EQIX)
• $2.50 stock runs up to $121.13 ($5,000 grows to $242,260)
1,295.44% GAIN: Valueclick (VCLK)
• $2.63 stock goes to $36.70 ($5,000 grows to $69,772)
1,213.19% GAIN: Synaptics (SYNA)
• $4.70 stock shoots to $61.72 ($5,000 grows to $65,659)
1,189.13% GAIN: Priceline (PCLN)
• $9.66 stock zooms to $124.53 ($5,000 grows to $64,456)
1,160.00% GAIN: GigaMedia, Ltd. (GIGM)
• $2.00 stock flies to $25.20 ($5,000 grows to $63,000)
906.80% GAIN: Omnivision Tech (OVTI)
• $2.50 stock goes to $25.17 ($5,000 grows to $50,340)
697.13% GAIN: Gamestop (GME)
• $8.00 stock soars to $63.77 ($5,000 grows to $39,856)
534.85% GAIN: Hemisphere GPS (HEM.TO)
• $0.66 stock runs up to $4.19 ($5,000 grows to $31,742)
247.88% GAIN: RC2Corp (RCRC)
• $12.99 stock spikes to $45.19 ($5,000 grows to $17,394)
248.16% GAIN: Parexel Int. (PRXL)
• $17.09 stock dashes to $59.50 ($5,000 grows to $17,408)
212.63% GAIN: NetGear (NTGR)
• $13.22 stock spurts to $41.33 ($5,000 grows to $15,631)
201.68% GAIN: Ceradyne (CRDN)
• $27.98 stock climbs to $84.41 ($5,000 grows to $15,084)

Hi. George Leong here to say that you are in for the wealth-building experience of your life as a Charter Member of Lombardi's DAILY PROFITS.


Facts show we're pulverizing every investment guru out there, and not just this year either.

Our track record shows we deliver big money for my readers. But this is the first time I'm offering my wealth-building advice daily.


Before the opening bell each morning, you’ll gain private access to what I believe are the best investments on earth. And I also believe that, in a week or two, you’ll be a better, richer investor.


Daily — that’s the key! Getting expert help on a monthly basis isn’t good enough these days.

Your entire portfolio might need adjustments weeks before a once-a-month advisory even has a chance of helping you. Even weekly advice falls short. Rumors fly too fast nowadays. Opinions that could have a major impact on your investments seem to change overnight.

One Monday we’ll hear Wall Street say the market bottom has been hit. Hooray! It’s safe to invest in the market again! By Wednesday, we’ll hear a stronger line of logic pointing to a recovery date far, far away. Boohoo! Better keep my money under the mattress.

Seriously, most investors are so confused they do nothing. But those who do nothing will soon sadly learn that good investments made just a few months ago are suddenly taboo.


As a Charter Member, we're with you — and you’re with us — every trading day and it’s great fun, because we’ll be making money. Lots of it!

When you’re one of our elite Charter Members, I believe you’ll stay a step ahead of Wall Street and the investing herds — every day!

And every time you invest — actually before you invest — you’ll be armed with priceless information, expertly distilled into action plans you can execute easily.

When I recommend a stock, our systems tell you the best time to buy, and when to take your profits.

Just because a company’s story “sounds pretty good,” is not good enough to earn our recommendation. The best way to bag the major money we expect (and often get!) from our picks is to go in knowing ahead of time how much profit to expect, and how long it might take to reach those profits.


We give you stocks to hold for five years, and stocks to hold for five weeks, or five days.

The stocks could come from any industry you can imagine. The only thing you can be sure of is that I'll try my best to put you in stocks that make you more money in a month than most investors make in a year.

Look at how well these stocks I picked did:

Domino’s Pizza (DPZ)
Told my readers to buy this stock at $13.00
Went up to $67.88, gain of 422.15%
Gastar Exploration (GST)
Told my readers to buy this stock at $1.23
Went up to $4.29, gain of 248.78%
Dynavax Techologies (DVAX)
Told my readers to buy this stock at $1.22
Went up to $4.08, gain of 234.43%
Mako Surgical Corp. (MAKO)
Told my readers to buy this stock at $5.98
Went up to $29.83, gain of 154.26%
Jazz Pharmaceuticals (JAZZ)
Told my readers to buy this stock at $8.64
Went up to $90.51, gain of 947.57%

And we're pouring the profits right back into the market. And it’s not because we see the market heating up.

We see the stocks that are heating up!

One reason we see steady profits is that we take all the emotion out of buy-sell decisions. No foolish chasing after winners (a sure way to buy high). No panic selling (a sure way to sell low).

And let me be brutally honest: Not every stock we recommend makes money. That would be impossible. Our practice is to limit the losses on our losers with tight stop loss limits while riding the profits of our big winners.

As a Charter Member, you'll be cool, calm and very collected every time you make a decision.

Long-term investors, day traders, and everyone in between have found their place with you in our elite Fortunate Charter Membership. After all, we all want the same thing.

I’ve shown you how a modest one-time $5,000 investment can turn into a small fortune. The question is: What about you?

Join us or not, I know we’ll still be going gangbusters the rest of the year. And again next year. And the year after that, too.

I also know it sure would be nice to have you with me as a Charter Member.


When you’re a Charter Member, you retain your “Charter” status for as long as you’re with us. We are accepting only a limited number of Charter Members.

Your special Charter status gives you:

• Lowest price — always! This is not an introductory special, where the cost of the service soars after your first year. You get the Charter Member rate this year and always, and your rate will always be lower than any specially advertised price.
• You get our Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee.
• FREE BONUS GIFTS. I have two for you right now, and more to come later.

Investors with $2-million in stocks might gladly pay upwards of $5,000 a year to tap into the knowledge and profits I bring readers. But Charter Membership is not limited to investors with millions in the market.

I’ve selected investors from all walks of life to join as Charter Members. High net worth investors. Low-net-worth, but high-income investors. A few “average” net-worth, “average” income investors. Long-term investors. Swing traders. Even day traders.

Did I mention a $5,000-a-year membership? Yes, I did. But that’s not the price Charter Members pay. Because we are accepting a limited, yet diverse selection of Charter Members, the cost is dramatically lower.


Just $393. No misprint.

And as I’ve mentioned, this is not an introductory special. It’s much better.

We want to make sure our Charter Members get every advantage possible. So, first off, Charter Members have a low, locked-in rate.

Secondly, Charter Members get a lifetime guarantee. Some advisory services offer a 10 or 30-day money-back guarantee. Some extend it to 12 months, but only for the first 12 months of service.

I give you, as a Charter Member, a 100% money-back guarantee for the life of your subscription! Cancel your Charter Membership at any time — for any reason — and you’ll get a 100% prorated refund on all undelivered issues in your current membership year.

In other words, when you renew your Charter Membership a year from now, a brand-new 12-month prorated money-back guarantee kicks in automatically.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself in all my excitement. I must tell you about...


Profits from our recommendations keep rolling in — because we’ve got a finger on the pulse of today’s hot stocks.

We see them coming. I like to say we smell the profits before the prices climb. And you will, too. We’ve written a special report just for Charter Members. It’s called, The New RED-HOT Stocks. It’s yours FREE when you join.

Your second gift keeps you in the money. It’s called, Best 3 Stocks to Own Today.

Both gifts are yours FREE. I can’t put a dollar value on the gifts because we will never sell them separately. They are written exclusively for our elite Charter Members.

All I ask is that you accept your Charter Membership today. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll have to offer your place to someone else.

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George Leong
George Leong, B.Comm.
Editor, Daily Profits

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